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This is an Archive of the news from 2007. Please do not edit it.

Notice - 21 December 2007


  • sendmail was installed. So now email works again as well as email verification and email notifications.
  • Script for automated update of skill database for pvxcode was made. Admins will have option to auto update skill db at any time without directly accessing server.


  • Cry of Pain: Image was added.
  • Template: Saving Template code function now gives filename correct name.
  • Skill db update to latest.
  • Rate on Admin noticeboard fixed.
    Now there is a link directly to the Rating page:
    Notice wiki/Rate/Build:N/Me

Build rating

Changes were made to build rating system to ensure that only real users can rate builds.

From now on, in order to rate any build you have to:

  • Make at least 8 edits before voting
  • Confirm your email address
  • Not be in blocked users list

If there is any problems - please report.

Notice - 14 December 2007

Online on new server

Thanks to Razer we finally got new server and are back online at full speed! Now we run on 2 servers, one for httpd/mysqld and another one for Squid. Old server acts as squid - that's why transaction went so fast.

Why did it went so slow in the first place?

In past 6 month or so we were using budget dedicated server with only 1.6Ghz Celeron and 1 GB RAM. And the only reason we were online was thanks to Squid - proxy/cache. But it depends on having as many pages in cache as possible so there is no need to re-generate them and run advanced PHP script therefore safe CPU time and RAM.

Anyway, somewhere during update we installed mediawiki extension (RSS for the news) that purged all cache. There was only 1 line but it did it all. After that load on server was so high that cache never had a chance to fill up before page was changed again - so it entered loop of death with several mysql crashed and other bad stuff.

What now?

First of all we have a fast server - but it also has mirrored RAID 1 - so there is basically 2 copies of database and all files - in case one crashed it will be all safe stored on the other one. There is also external backup.

If there is any problems - please report.

Notice - 14 December 2007

Speed problems

During past week we have been experiencing problems with our current server. It has been pretty much everything from CPU to RAM. Currently this site uses 1.6 ghz Celeron and 1 gb of RAM. It has been tuned to the max but there is a limit of what such a server can give.

So we are upgrading to a much better dual core based server with 2gb of ram. It will be in place during the next week.

We will get a new server in the the beginning of the next week, until that time, please try to limit amounts of edits.

Update - 11 December 2007

After a few weeks of negotiations with Razer™ we finally reached agreement where Razer™ will sponsor PvXwiki! Deal includes both full cover of all hosting costs as well as providing us with prizes for all kind of contests we will hold here on PvXwiki. First trial period of contract are for the 3 month but if all goes well will be extended.
Deal includes that only banners from Razer™ will be shown on PvXwiki as well as other minor things. We will also host news and other information about Razer™ products.

Notice - 20 November 2007

New Content Planned

In order to facilitate build retention and build creation, we plan to add a complete skill database as well as a section devoted to Guild Wars game updates. Additionally, we will be hosting news for mmosite in return for a promise to advertise for PvXwiki in order to generate a greater number of new users.

Ads Successful

Preliminary data indicates that Ads will provide sufficient income (for the time being at least) to ensure the relative stability of this site. (Remember: If you see an inappropriate banner on PvXwiki, feel free to add it to the ad blacklist.)

Notice - 16 November 2007


If you see an inappropriate banner on PvXwiki, feel free to add it to the ad blacklist.

Notice - 15 November 2007

Trial Ads

We have added advertisements to PvXwiki for a trial time of 2 weeks.

Security - 11 November 2007


PvXwiki faces financial problems. Read more.

Notice - 24 October 2007

Wizardboy777 promoted

Wizardboy777 was promoted to Sysop. Congratulations Wizardboy777!

Notice - 22 October 2007

Tycn promoted

Tycn was promoted to Sysop. Congratulations Tycn!

Notice - 20 October 2007

Readem resigned

Readem has resigned his post as an Administrator.

14 October 2007

Server fixed

Changed back to old static img server, as new one was crashing 24x7. Let's hope this will fix skill icon's issue.

Game Update

PvXcode has been updated according to latest skill balance. Please keep in mind that skills will change during this week.

9 October 2007

Big update

PvXcode has been updated and synchronized with the latest version of gwBBcode. Enjoy our new skin/logo. Please also visit the Donate page.

5 October 2007

GuildWiki builds

All builds imported from GuildWiki have successfully gone through the vetting process. Thank you for your quick work!
One build was not voted upon because it was archived.

3 October 2007

Recent Changes Text

Please provide feedback or suggestions concerning the text at the top of Special:Recentchanges at MediaWiki talk:Recentchangestext.

2 October 2007

Re-rating GuildWiki's favored builds

A number of builds that were imported as favored from GuildWiki didn't get 5 votes here yet. Please test and rate them.

29 June 2007

Real Vetting has finally been implemented!

Builds have been categorized according to the Real Vetting policy standards. All previously favored builds can now be found under the Working Good category. There are also 2 new categories for working builds, those of Working Great and Working Other. We would kindly ask you to take your time to read our official build rating policy and we welcome you to rate builds.
In other news, due to PvX:DELETE, all unfavored builds imported from GuildWiki have been moved to the Trash category and will be deleted in two weeks time (that is, around July 14). This gives editors a chance to archive builds in their userspace or attempt to revamp unfavored builds. Any unfavored builds left in that category after two weeks will be summarily deleted.
One final note of caution. All builds that were in the Untested section prior to implementation are now in the Trial section which can be found here or for PvP or PvE respectively. However, builds should not be voted upon until they are in the Testing phase, so authors who want their builds voted upon need to move them manually to the Testing category. See here for details