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Database is now synchronized and updated with all the latest updates. Let's keep it this way.

Updating Skill DB

Our skill DB has been outdated for quite some time. Last update was done 15.03.2008. So its kinda about time we update it. First I tried to emplement system where users could edit skill DB directly, but due its huge size its proved to be quite difficult. Just submitting an edit on it takes a few minutes. Pulling it from DB on each request was also not easy (on every builds show/generation). So I have uploaded latest Skill Database to Wikipedia where you can edit Part 1 and Part 2.

I will check it frequently in order to keep DB here up to date.

I made my best effort updating it with skill updates from December 2008, November 2008, October 2008 and September 2008. Following skills has been updated:

  • Palm Strike
  • Power Leech
  • Aura of the Lich
  • Mark of Insecurity
  • Seeping Wound
  • Wastrel\'s Collapse
  • Onslaught
  • Reaper's Sweep
  • Blinding Surge
  • Double Dragon
  • Energy Boon
  • Ether Prism
  • Fevered Dreams
  • Shared Burden
  • Recurring Insecurity
  • Symbols of Inspiration
  • Boon Signet
  • Life Sheath
  • Peace and Harmony
  • Ray of Judgment
  • Aura of the Lich
  • Cultist's Fervor
  • Lingering Curse
  • Weaken Knees
  • Incoming!
  • It's just a flesh wound
  • Angelic Bond
  • Archer's Signet
  • Spike Trap
  • Strike as One
  • Trapper's Focus
  • Clamor of Souls
  • Destructive was Glaive
  • Enraged Smash
  • Hundred Blades
  • Primal Rage
  • Whirling Axe
  • Hidden Caltrops
  • Immolate
  • Meteor
  • Lyssa's Aura
  • Burning Arrow
  • Incendiary Arrows
  • Melandru's Shot
  • Backbreaker
  • "For Great Justice!"
  • Glowing Gaze
  • Glowing Ice
  • Glowstone
  • Icy Shackles
  • Master of Magic
  • Mind Blast
  • Shock Arrow
  • Order of Undeath
  • Glimmering Mark
  • Disrupting Lunge

PS: Anyone who help update skill database will be reworded with e... :)