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Build Packs and Sandboxes

Build Packs are now available for download. Each pack contains the builds for one of the categories on the main page of PvX (AB, GvG, Running, ect.) sorted into Great and Good builds. Suggestions for new build packs that cover more specific criteria can be made at PvXwiki:Build Packs/Submissions and you can help us keep the build packs up-to-date with PvXwiki:Build Packs/Updating.

Users with a sandbox in their userspace are encouraged to add them to the new User Sandboxes category by placing {{Sandbox}} at the top of their sandbox page. If you don't want the tag there, instead add [[Category:User Sandboxes]]. We hope that this will encourage users to share theorycrafts and personal touches on existing builds without cluttering the build space. A link to the category is provided on the main page under the Miscellaneous section.

Update: 20 November 2009

A subcategory for Sandboxes, Category:Codex, may now be used for pages specifically for Codex team ideas. Tag your page with {{Codex}} or [[Category:Codex]].

Update: 22 November 2009

All build packs were completed and have been linked to the main page.