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This is an Archive of the news from 2009. Please do not edit it.

Suppress Redirect

All auto-confirmed users should now have the ability to suppress redirects when they move pages. Suppress redirect is a tool that allows you to move a page and not leave a redirect behind.

This is a useful tool that can help cut down on a lot of unnecessary redirects, but should be used in accordance with redirect policy and is not for deleting pages or wiping votes. Abuse of this tool can result in a lengthy ban.

Suppress redirect can be found on the special 'Move' page. Redirects are suppressed by unchecking the checkbox that says 'Leave a redirect behind'.

Build Packs and Sandboxes

Build Packs are now available for download. Each pack contains the builds for one of the categories on the main page of PvX (AB, GvG, Running, ect.) sorted into Great and Good builds. Suggestions for new build packs that cover more specific criteria can be made at PvXwiki:Build Packs/Submissions and you can help us keep the build packs up-to-date with PvXwiki:Build Packs/Updating.

Users with a sandbox in their userspace are encouraged to add them to the new User Sandboxes category by placing {{Sandbox}} at the top of their sandbox page. If you don't want the tag there, instead add [[Category:User Sandboxes]]. We hope that this will encourage users to share theorycrafts and personal touches on existing builds without cluttering the build space. A link to the category is provided on the main page under the Miscellaneous section.

Update: 20 November 2009

A subcategory for Sandboxes, Category:Codex, may now be used for pages specifically for Codex team ideas. Tag your page with {{Codex}} or [[Category:Codex]].

Update: 22 November 2009

All build packs were completed and have been linked to the main page.

HB/TA Removal, New Codex Arena

As of the 22nd of October, both Team Arenas and Hero Battles have been removed from the game. Builds specific to either arena have been archived, and builds with multiple tags had their TA/HB tags removed. Obviously, this means we will not be taking any more TA or HB builds onto PvX.

But when something leaves, something often replaces it. In this case we have been given Sealed Deck, in the form of the Codex Arena. Anybody who would like to expand the following portal may do as they wish and any positive contributions towards it will be appreciated. However for this play type we will not be accepting builds due to the nature of the arena, with decks changing every day. We would like to also promote some build making in an area where creativity shines.

Real Vetting Update

In the next few days, an updated version of the vetting policy will be implemented. This policy will lead to a few key changes regarding how vetting works as well as the rating scale.

The main page will be updated to reflect these changes.

The primary change here will be the removal of the "Other" category and the deletion of all builds currently residing in it. As always, any of these builds can be moved or restored to the userspace per user request.

To see the new Real Vetting Policy, go here.

2nd birthday

PvXwiki will soon celebrate its 2nd birthday. For me it has been very exiting years. Without money or in depth knowledge of MediaWiki we got together and started PvXwiki. And it quickly became valuable and popular source of Guild Wars builds. We did an amazing job; even few did truly believed in our Wiki.

Potential move

One of the people who recognized PvXwiki early on was Gil from Wikia. Attempts were made to discus potential move to Wikia without ever coming to a conclusion. You may ask what makes it different now?


First of all, my daily job as senior web-developer makes it hard for me to find time to baby-sit wiki. With cheap server, no serious backup solution and only 2 techadmins it need constant maintains. There has been a few night with phone calls to hosting company in Canada at 3 AM, and I no longer have time to do this.


This leads to my second reason – money. Websites do cost money and anyone who ever tried to run one knows all about it. Taking out $50 of your pocket each month is maybe okay, but it became painful when that number grew to several hundred dollars per month. When we started I had a second job just to pay hosting bills. And after 20 month of constant bill payments – I feel that I have done my part.


Third and most important reason for me is security and feature of the website. With single webserver and only backup stored on server located in same server farm it is miracle that it did survive as long as it did. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that our luck will continue for years to come. With an old server, outdated MediaWiki and code that has never been properly tested it is only matter of time before something very big and bad happens.


In order to preserve all the knowledge stored in PvXwiki and make sure it will grow, we need stable and secure solution. Personally I believe that currently Wikia is the only company that can provide such solution. It takes out hosting problems, has finances in place and makes sure that each word of the wiki will be stored and preserved for many years to come. Wikia is buying the domain to ensure no links will be broken to the new site. For community it means people, money and server independent Wiki to enjoy. As always, the data itself is owned by the community and freely available for download at any time.

I hope everyone will see the big picture and all the benefits. I feel like we did prove that we can be strong outsiders and we did it great. Now its time to keep and safe all the hard work, money and nerves that went down building PvXwiki.


You can find answers to most common questions in this detailed FAQ. Bugs can be reported to Wikia staff via Special:Contact. Known bugs are listed on the talk page. There has recently been a small change to our Image policy. We have implemented a "tagging" system. This means that users are required to tag any new uploads with one of the templates mentioned in the image use policy.

There is also the issue of any old images. Currently there's around 5000 images, that haven't been tagged in anyway. As such, any help tagging these images would be greatly appreciated.

It will also help, if you go through the uncategorised images, to tag any copyright images with {{copyvio}} or a {{delete}} with the reason "copyvio".

There may also be some "dead" images.These are images that show as existing, but there either isn't an image there, or it's just a white square. Tagging these with {{Delete}} with the reason "dead image" would also be of great help =).


Database is now synchronized and updated with all the latest updates. Let's keep it this way.

Updating Skill DB

Our skill DB has been outdated for quite some time. Last update was done 15.03.2008. So its kinda about time we update it. First I tried to emplement system where users could edit skill DB directly, but due its huge size its proved to be quite difficult. Just submitting an edit on it takes a few minutes. Pulling it from DB on each request was also not easy (on every builds show/generation). So I have uploaded latest Skill Database to Wikipedia where you can edit Part 1 and Part 2.

I will check it frequently in order to keep DB here up to date.

I made my best effort updating it with skill updates from December 2008, November 2008, October 2008 and September 2008. Following skills has been updated:

  • Palm Strike
  • Power Leech
  • Aura of the Lich
  • Mark of Insecurity
  • Seeping Wound
  • Wastrel\'s Collapse
  • Onslaught
  • Reaper's Sweep
  • Blinding Surge
  • Double Dragon
  • Energy Boon
  • Ether Prism
  • Fevered Dreams
  • Shared Burden
  • Recurring Insecurity
  • Symbols of Inspiration
  • Boon Signet
  • Life Sheath
  • Peace and Harmony
  • Ray of Judgment
  • Aura of the Lich
  • Cultist's Fervor
  • Lingering Curse
  • Weaken Knees
  • Incoming!
  • It's just a flesh wound
  • Angelic Bond
  • Archer's Signet
  • Spike Trap
  • Strike as One
  • Trapper's Focus
  • Clamor of Souls
  • Destructive was Glaive
  • Enraged Smash
  • Hundred Blades
  • Primal Rage
  • Whirling Axe
  • Hidden Caltrops
  • Immolate
  • Meteor
  • Lyssa's Aura
  • Burning Arrow
  • Incendiary Arrows
  • Melandru's Shot
  • Backbreaker
  • "For Great Justice!"
  • Glowing Gaze
  • Glowing Ice
  • Glowstone
  • Icy Shackles
  • Master of Magic
  • Mind Blast
  • Shock Arrow
  • Order of Undeath
  • Glimmering Mark
  • Disrupting Lunge

PS: Anyone who help update skill database will be reworded with e... :)