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Concerning Build Master Position Removal

The BM position is to be removed entirely on Sunday 31 January. Many on this site view the position as a failed experiment. The position was originally created for knowledgeable PvP'ers - people who would know what they were doing and be able to explain to other users how or why a build was either good or bad. These people would also command respect simply because of who they are and the guilds they play for, not simply because of their "position" on PvX. However, due to many circumstances, the position became one that often resulted in flame wars, trolling, and many headaches for the Administrators.

Understanding the Administrator's Position

The Sysop position should be a merely janitorial one. Sysops can delete pages, block users for policy violations, and remove obviously biased/sockpuppet votes, and take any other actions (within policy) in an effort to clean up the site. Sysops should be a neutral third party. They can have build knowledge, and it can help them remove some of the more obviously wrong votes; however, user arguments over build votes should be discussed on the build's talk page or on the user talk page of the voter rather than on the AN. The Noticeboard should only be used for issues that can not be solved through user discussion.

User Responsibilities

The void left by the BM position is expected to be filled by the normal users here at PvX. Users will be expected to discuss builds bluntly, and at times explain to other users of this site why builds are good or bad. It will be the responsibility of the users here to discuss builds, vote on builds, report vetting problems to the AN, etc. In turn, we hope this will provide users with more understanding of the game and will help their ability to distinguish between builds.