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March 2010 Administrator Evaluation

Currently the most active administrators are undergoing evaluation by the bureaucratic staff. If you've seen any particular contributions by a particular administrator that make you think they're not fit for being an administrator (such as abusing their rights as an administrator) please add a link to it on this page, under the appropriate administrators heading.

What is this evaluation?

Administrators are constantly being monitored by the bureaucratic staff in an informal manner, and users can ask for a formal review of a specific admin at any time. Recently it was requested that a formal review be taken of the (currently) most active admins, as there hadn't been one in a while. The review will result in one of two things for an administrator:

  1. The administrator has been seen to be doing his duty, and will keep his rights as an administrator and continue as normal.
  2. The administrator has been seen acting in an unacceptable manner for an administrator (abusing rights etc.), and the Bureaucrats will decide if it's necessary to remove the users right as an administrator.