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Welcome to!

Hey all, and welcome to hosted by the fine folks at!.


You MAY* be able to reclaim your old account, use Special:UserMigration (this is also linked on the login page) and follow the onscreen instructions.

*because of someone's username having swastika in their username we were unable to reserve all the required usernames, about 11% of accounts were affected. Sorry if this is you, but you should be able to register the account as normal!


Watchlists haven't been copied across (rather we couldn't). If you want your log into PvX@Wikia and go here, click in the text box, press Ctl+A, Ctrl+C. Then log in here and go to here, click in the text box, press Ctrl+V and the "update watchlist" button. You now have your watchlist back =).

Custom Extensions

Now the site is in a "usable" state, in the sense people can view builds, and create their own (so PvXbig is working, if the skill bar doesn't show up do a null edit (edit the page and just press save without doing anything)). We also have the rating extension up and running*. However, because this is a more recent version of Mediawiki we may encounter some compatibility issues, if you notice anything say so on the talk page.

*All previous ratings are gone. This means that we have no ratings on record, so no builds have any ratings.

PvXDecode is up and running fine, so you can copy your template codes from in game and paste them there to grab the wiki code as normal.

Special:GraceExpired has been left out for now. Curse want us to try and get by without it, but if it gets to a point we really need it, we can try and sort something out!.

Mediawiki Extensions

As for the other extensions, everything we asked for has been installed (so CheckUser and DPL are there). We've also requested the "Widget" extension. This allows users to develop widgets to be used around the wiki! (you need to edit the "Widget" namespace which is restricted to users in the "Widget editors" usergroup, we'll decide how users can get those privileges at a later date ;D).


Some images couldn't be imported. This is because the curse server runs on a Windows OS, so images with "'s or ?'s in specific, couldn't be imported (most noticeably are shout and chant skill icons). We currently can't think of an easy work around for this, but we'll keep thinking! This doesn't apply to the PvXBig icons though, so those skills should still show up fine.

How up to date is the site?


The content of the site is up to the 4th of October, that's as far as the database dump went up to. Images are up to date to about the end of last week.


The wiki is running on the newest version of Mediawiki. Currently we can only use Monobook to allow curses analysts (as well as for maintenance reasons) work properly. However they're going to look into a way of making all that stuff easier to be done over multiple skins so we may have Vector in the future.

Some minor things of note

The archive and guide namespaces are currently switched due to some coding mixups. Move archived builds to guide and guides to archive (where applicable). The two will be switched at a later date.

Also, mini skill bars using a skill with a quotation will not display (e.g. "Fall Back!" will appear as a red link). A fix is incoming so continue to edit as usual, expecting it to appear later.

How can you help?

Obviously things may still be a bit buggy, so if you notice something, please say so on the talk page. If we think of anything else we'll let you know =)

once again:

Welcome to!