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July 25, 2011: Editing Restrictions

Recently, several based wikis have been the targets of spam/vandalism bots. As a stopgap measure, Curse admins removed the abilities to create pages and upload images from users who are not autoconfirmed. The admins of PvX have been discussing more permanent and less restrictive solutions with Curse and hope to be able to resolve this issue soon.


  • The Abuse Filter extension has been installed and is in use to block suspicious edits. The filters are mostly provided by the admins of GuildWiki.
  • The ConfirmEdit extension needs to be updated, as the current Simple Captcha is no match for modern spambots. ReCaptcha was removed due to being cracked, and thus less effective.


If you are a new user and would still like to submit builds without waiting for the autoconfirmed requirements, create a link to the page you want to make in the community sandbox, and next to it state that you would like another user to create the page for you.

-- Toraen talk 01:30, 26 July 2011 (UTC)