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December 12, 2011: New Mercenary Category

We are now starting a trial run for a new category of PvE builds: Mercenary! Depending on the success of the category, it may become a permanent addition to our buildspace. If the category goes unused for more than a month after the next Guild Wars game update, it may be removed, so start submitting builds soon if you want to see it stay!

To add a build to the mercenary category, use merc in the build tag INSTEAD of hero. These two categories need to be separate so that people looking for hero builds that don't require mercenaries can do so easily. We expect that this category will largely be team builds, but if you have a single hero build that is normally not viable without more of that profession (like a Ritualist build that normally can't compete for the limited ritualist slots with SoS, SoGM, or ST) feel free to submit it. -- Toraen talk 03:13, 13 December 2011 (UTC)


The mercenary category has been removed. This was due to lack of any builds being vetted for the category, the hard mode update making elementalist heroes more viable, and the addition of the new Ritualist hero with the Winds of Change part 3 update. Builds that require mercenaries may be submitted to PvX provided they clearly state in the name that they are Mercenary builds, but they will not be placed in their own category. Non-mercenary builds still will not be subjected to PvX:WELL as a result of any mercenary build submission. -- Toraen confer 06:49, 14 February 2012 (UTC)