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This is an Archive of the news from 2019. Please do not edit it.

May 12, 2019: Changes to Voting Requirements & New Projects

Thanks to the fine folks at Gamepedia, we recently were able to adjust the rating extension to lower the requirements for users to vote. Previously, you needed to be registered for 3 days and make 8 edits before being allowed to rate a build. Now, you merely need to create an account and make two edits (edits to your "User:" page or "User talk:" page count, but not your "UserProfile:" page).

Krschkr has launched two projects to aid in finishing getting PvX's hero teams up-to-date, please give him a hand by testing out builds per the projects and reporting how they perform. For more details, see the links below:

January 17, 2019: Fandom migration for EEA accounts

Recently, Gamepedia (which is part of Curse) has been sold by Amazon to Fandom. This means that account data needed to be transferred, and any accounts from European Economic Area (EEA) countries needed to approve this transfer before it could happen in keeping with EEA law. A notification was sent to the associated email of affected accounts, but if you missed it and your pages/account no longer show up, there is still a method to reclaim the account and pages: How to Reclaim your Site Account

There is a limited window to reclaim your account (as Twitch will not hold onto the data indefinitely) so if you wish to resume editing at PvX with your current account, please reclaim soon.