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This page is a community project on PvXwiki.

It exists to provide guidance in improving the wiki and all users are encouraged to participate.


Build Packs

A Build Pack is a collection of template codes ready to download. This page lists functional links to build packs (or a link to an external database of build packs). Packs for each of the categories on the main page will be maintained by the Administrative staff as well as any interested users. Packs that use different criteria may be suggested as well.

Using the Packs

Unzip the downloaded file and place the buildpack folder into your Skills subfolder for Guild Wars. By default, the filepath is:

  • C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\Templates\Skills for Windows XP.
  • C:\Users\User\Documents\Guild Wars\Templates\Skills for Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Once there, all builds in it will be available from the Load Template menu in Guild Wars.

Project goal

Build packs should include all builds in the Real Vetting system sorted by gametype, as well as any other build packs deemed necessary by the community. These build packs are collected by a Python script which is available at a GitHub repository for reference and community input.

How you can help

All builds should follow regular formatting to ensure the correct build information is collected and, in particular, single build pages should have one main skill bar. Any alternate full skill bars (major variants) should be enclosed with {{Variantbar}} so the script can save them with an appropriate name. If you notice a build page that would not or does not get fully collected by the script, please fix the page or note the issue on the build's talk page.

Good examples of the template in use are:

Current Build Packs

All available Build Packs can be downloaded here.

The list currently includes:

  • PvE General
  • Farming
  • Running
  • Quest
  • Hero
  • Speed Clears
  • PvE Teams
  • Alliance Battles
  • Fort Aspenwood
  • Jade Quarry
  • GvG
  • HA
  • Random Arenas
  • PvP Teams


  • Builds with no primary profession will not be loadable in Guild Wars. They are still saved to the packs for use with build editor software that can read them.

Submissions & Suggestions

Non-categorical build packs or ideas for improvement can be submitted for review by admins and project leaders on the talk page.