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This page is an official policy on PvXwiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.


Bureaucrats are specific Administrators who act in the capacity as Sysops but who are additionally responsible for appointing and removing administrators and granting other special user rights.

New Bureaucrats are appointed by the current Bureaucrats, with input from the administrators.

These policies directly relate to (or explain in detail) the duties of a Bureaucrat:

Current Bureaucrats

Toraen is in charge of day-to-day and general Wiki-Side affairs (matters of policy, arbitration, promotion, demotion etc.).

Auron, Hhhippo, Phenaxkian, and Wizardboy777 are inactive at the moment. Gcardinal founded the site and provided the initial funding and server. He prefered to work primarily on the backend, but occasionally still dropped in to comment on policy or style issues. He is also inactive now.

The wiki decided to eat Defiant Elements' permissions and access to the account during one of the site move/merges, thus making DE the only Bureaucrat to be demoted.

Username Talk page Status Email Location
Toraen talk Active E-mail user Delaware
AuronFtw talk Inactive E-mail user Mililani, Hawaii
Phenaxkian talk Inactive E-mail user United Kingdom
Hhhippo talk Inactive E-mail user Denmark
Gcardinal talk Inactive E-mail user Norway
Wizardboy777 talk Inactive E-mail user Henrietta, New York

For a list of all current Administrators, see here.