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The effect is All In. If all the skills on your bar use the same attribute, you gain +3 Health regeneration and +100 maximum Health, and your skills cost 25% less Energy. Note that you can bring No Attribute skills too, e.g. Resurrection Signet, Purge Conditions, etc.

Given the stated nature of this effect, certain attention is due to builds stored here on PvXwiki which may thrive in the Flux, now and as it changes. Below is an overview of strategies and skills which are affected by the current Flux effect.

For a listing of specific builds affected by the Flux, see the Affected by All In Flux category. Add builds to it by tagging them with the {{Flux}} template.

Positively Affected

  • Elementalists can be effective using only skills from one attribute.

Negatively Affected

  • Rangers due to preparations.
  • Monks due to needing utility in addition to healing.