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PvTemplate.png No name: No code provided.


name1= |
code1= |
name2= |
code2= |
name3= |
code3= |
name4= |
code4= | }}

Up to 6 names + codes are supported, but any beyond 4 stretch the template and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Each Code should be the equipment code generated by the Guild Wars client. Each Name should describe the weapon set contained in its corresponding code (40/40 Healing Prayers or 40/20/20% Protection Prayers Staff).

When listing the equipment, the primary weapon (i.e. Dom mesmers primarily use a 40/40 dom set) should go along with the armor. When naming it, it should be named [Insignia] + 40/40 Domination set. Vigor, Vitae, and the attribute runes do not need to be included in the name, as health runes are assumed to fill any open slots, and the attribute runes are displayed in the attribute listing of the build.

Non-stacking Insignia (Stonefist, Bloodstained) do not need to be included in the template name if they would take too much space, and can be listed below the template.

The other sets should only contain the weapons of the additional sets.

There is a concurrent project PvXwiki:Equipment Templates for this template.


PvTemplate.png Survivor Earth Ele Set + 40/40 Earth Set: Pk5BjMz6TTfMvKSFHMNpnGYMNZYJScNZVKCMNZYNMMNpHA
High energy Earth Magic set: PkpAjMzKUTfMvqRB
Defensive set (Slashing): PkpQRP7nBzYIqpW/LA
Defensive set (Fire): PkpQRP7nBzYIqpW7LA
name1=Survivor Earth Ele Set + 40/40 Earth Set|
name2=High energy Earth Magic set|
name3=Defensive set (Slashing)|
name4=Defensive set (Fire)|