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User Krschkr PvXPropaganda.jpg


User Subpage Intended for Content Status
User:Krschkr/Builds/1 Mesmer.gif Hero Keystone Signet Minion Master Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/2 Mesmer.gif Hero Domination Magic Keystone Signet Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/3 Mesmer.gif Hero Lyssa's Aura Illusion Magic Mesmer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/4 Mesmer.gif Player Psychic Instability Mesmer Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/5 Monk.gif Player Aura of Faith Prot Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/6 Monk.gif Player Healing Burst Hybrid Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/7 Paragon.gif Player Soldier's Fury Dagger Paragon Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/8 Paragon.gif Player Soldier's Fury Spear Paragon Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/9 Ranger.gif Player Wounding Strike Pet Ranger Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/10 Ranger.gif Player/Hero Beast Master Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/11 Mesmer.gif Hero Psychic Instability Healer Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/12 Necromancer.gif Player Solo Contagion Necromancer Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/13 Paragon.gif Player Quarterknock Paragon Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/14 Warrior.gif Player Scythe Warrior Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/15 Warrior.gif Player Axe Warrior Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/16 Warrior.gif Player Hammer Warrior Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/17 Ranger.gif Player Bow Ranger (without pet) Abandoned
User:Krschkr/Builds/18 Ritualist.gif Player Support Ritualist Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/19 Dervish.gif Hero Avatar based Teardown Dervish
Wounding Strike Dervish
User:Krschkr/Builds/20 Monk.gif Hero Healing Burst Hybrid Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/21 Dervish.gif Hero Symbolic Strike Signet Dervish Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/22 Elementalist.gif Hero Air Magic Elementalist Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/23 Elementalist.gif Player Invoke Elementalist Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/24 Necromancer.gif Hero Bone Fiend Minion Master Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/25 Ritualist.gif Hero Ritualist Minion Master Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/26 Necromancer.gif Player Bone Fiend Minion Master Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/27 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Spear Warrior Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/28 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March Spear Warrior Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/29 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG AoD Mesmer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/30 Assassin.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG A/P Caller
HA A/P Caller
User:Krschkr/Builds/31 Elementalist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png June EA Spiker Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/32 Necromancer.gif Hero Minionless Discord Merged
User:Krschkr/Builds/33 Paragon.gif Hero Pet Para Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/34 Ritualist.gif Player Ritualist Healer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/35 Dervish.gif Hero Avatar of Dwayna Support Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/36 Necromancer.gif Hero Spiteful Spirit Support Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/37 Dervish.gif Player Condition Dervish Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/38 Monk.gif Player Hundred Blades Melee Monk Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/39 Necromancer.gif Hero Blood is Power Healer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/40 Ritualist.gif Player Ritual Lord Bomber Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/41 Necromancer.gif Hero Necromancer Healer Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/42 Koss.png Hero Hundred Blades Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/43 Warrior.gif Player Dwarven Battle Stance Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/44 Mesmer.gif Hero Ineptitude and Fevered Dreams Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/45 Mesmer.gif Player Ineptitude Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/46 Mesmer.gif Hero Domination Magic Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/47 Elementalist.gif Player Star Burst Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/48 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Dom Mes Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/49 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG November PB Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/50 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG November Esurge Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/51 Asterisk.jpg All Norn Fighting Tournament Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/52 Dervish.gif Player Vow of Strength Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/53 Assassin.gif Main-pvp-icon.png Mark of Insecurity Caster Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/54 Ritualist.gif Player Ritual Lord Prot Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/55 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png November Enraged Smash Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/56 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Glimmering Mark Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/57 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Xinrae's Weapon Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/58 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Lame Xinrae's Weapon Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/59 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Dervish Healer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/60 Paragon.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Soldier's Stance Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/61 Assassin.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Flourish Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/62 Assassin.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Devastating Hammer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/63 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Devastating Hammer Daggers Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/64 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Enraged Smash Daggers Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/65 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Wounding Strike Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/66 Elementalist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA June Lightning Surge Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/67 Elementalist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Shockwave Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/68 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Mind Maze Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/69 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA November Second Wind Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/70 Monk.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA November Healer's Covenant Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/71 Monk.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG November Healing Burst Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/72 Ranger.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA November Burning Arrow Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/73 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Non-wastrel's PI Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/74 Monk.gif Main-pvp-icon.png November Protection Prayers Monk Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/75 Monk.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG PnH Prot Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/76 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA May Flux Mind Maze Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/77 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG November Xinrae Runner Abandoned
User:Krschkr/Builds/78 Elementalist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png November Mind Burn Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/79 Elementalist.gif Player Dagger Elementalist Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/80 Warrior.gif Player Beginner Team Warrior Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/81 Ranger.gif Player Beginner Team Ranger Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/82 Monk.gif Player Beginner Team Monk Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/83 Necromancer.gif Player Beginner Team Necromancer Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/84 Mesmer.gif Player Beginner Team Mesmer Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/85 Elementalist.gif Player Beginner Team Elementalist Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/86 Asterisk.jpg Hero, all Nightfall Only Hero Builds for Beginners Abandoned
User:Krschkr/Builds/87 Paragon.gif Player Beginner Team Paragon Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/88 Dervish.gif Player Beginner Team Dervish Done
User:Krschkr/Builds/89 Necromancer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png JQ Life Transfer Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/90 Assassin.gif Player BiP Assassin Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/91 Ritualist.gif Player Signet of Spirits Updated
User:Krschkr/Builds/92 Monk.gif Main-pvp-icon.png Disable Ali Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/93 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png RA Ritualist (combined) Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/94 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Migraine Wastrel's Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/95 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Scourge Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/96 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Hex Spread Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/97 Mesmer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Dom Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/98 Ranger.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Pet Spear Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/99 Ranger.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Spear Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/100 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Vow of Silence Split Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/101 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March SoS Released
User:Krschkr/Builds/102 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March Soul Bind Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/103 Necromancer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March Wail of Doom Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/104 Assassin.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Aura of Displacement Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/105 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Anti Ranger Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/106 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Soldier's Stance Sword Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/107 Ritualist.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG byob Xinrae Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/108 Dervish.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Bezman Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/109 Necromancer.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Corrupt Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Builds/110 Warrior.gif Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March/July Battle Rage Scythe Permanent user subpage

Team Builds

User Subpage Area size Content Status
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/1 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Keystone Discordway Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/2 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Contagion Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/3 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Domination Mesmers for Paragon Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/4 Main-pve-icon.png 8 TzBaGaN/WRECKED Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/5 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Fevered Dreams for Dervish with Minions WIP Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/6 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Mesmer based Melee Support Abandoned
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/7 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Dual Mesmer Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/8 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Tweaked PvX Melee Support Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/9 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Triple Energy Surge Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/10 Main-pvp-icon.png HA Paragon Balanced Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/11 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG LaG spike Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/12 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Spirit's Strength Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/13 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Triple Ele Flag Push Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/14 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Dual Mesmer Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/15 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Triple Monk Backline Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/16 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June 6 Damage Pressure Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/17 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG A/P Spike Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/18 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG AoD Train Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/19 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Elementalist Spike Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/20 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG June Hexway Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/21 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Invoke Balanced/Paragon Balanced Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/22 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Necromancer Balanced Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/23 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG March Triple Spear Warrior Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/24 Main-pvp-icon.png AB April Dual Invoke Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/25 Main-pvp-icon.png AB Grapple Balanced Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/26 Main-pvp-icon.png AB Paragon Balanced Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/27 Main-pve-icon.png 8 META™ in a Nutshell (Melee) Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/28 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Hexover Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/29 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG GvG June AoD Train Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/30 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Dual Elementalist Split Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/31 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Fevered Dreams for Dervish without Minions WIP
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/32 Main-pve-icon.png 4 The Shadow Nexus WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/33 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Aurios Mines WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/34 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Glint's Challenge (2 players) Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/35 Main-pve-icon.png 4 derklord's eastern frontier Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/36 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Hexway for a backline player Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/37 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Winds of Change Party Size 4 as Melee Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/38 Main-pve-icon.png 4 Rescue at Minister Cho's Estate Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/39 Main-pve-icon.png 8 META™ in a Nutshell (Caster) Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/40 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG RNE Updated
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/41 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Trip Melee Updated
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/42 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Dual Mesmer Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/43 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG November Triple Derv 28min Planned
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/44 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Semi Paraway WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/45 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Supported Ritualist MMs WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/46 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Pet Pressure Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/47 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Dual Ele Spike Updated
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/48 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Ranger Spike Planned
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/49 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Triple Mesmer Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/50 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG May Sixtuple Mesmer Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/51 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG awsm Spike Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/52 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Dual Ranger Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/53 Main-pve-icon.png 4–8 Titan Quests [Hard Mode Only] WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/54 Main-pve-icon.png 8 When Kappa Attack [Hard Mode Only] WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/55 Main-pve-icon.png 8 The Villainy of Galrath [Hard Mode Only] WIP Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/56 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Patchwork Hexway Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/57 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Triple Energy Surge Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/58 Koss.pngKoss.pngKoss.png Beginner Team (+ Guide) WIP Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/59 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Rojway Updated
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/60 Main-pve-icon.png 6 Team 116 E Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/61 Main-pve-icon.png 6 Ineptitude + Triple Energy Surge Temporary user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/62 Main-pve-icon.png 6 Team 403 R Temporary user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/63 Main-pvp-icon.png HA Equinox Planned
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/64 Main-pve-icon.png 8 Rüdiway Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/65 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Gust/Star Burst Released
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/66 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG Signet of Mystic Wrath Spike Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/67 Main-pve-icon.png 8 DoA Conta Permanent user subpage/Stub
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/68 Main-pve-icon.png 8 DoA Paraway Permanent user subpage/Stub
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/69 Main-pve-icon.png 8 DoA Wotaway Permanent user subpage/Stub
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/70 Main-pve-icon.png 8 DoA Randomness Permanent user subpage/Stub
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/71 Main-pve-icon.png 4 [DE] Chahbek SC Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/72 Main-pve-icon.png 4 [EN] Chahbek SC Permanent user subpage
User:Krschkr/Team Builds/73 Main-pvp-icon.png GvG GvG Tranquility Released

More subpages

Useful links


Build testing

Testing routes:

  1. Party Size 4 (finished)
  2. Party Size 6 (ready)
  3. Party Size 8 (in construction)
  • [P.1] Damage elementalists (PvP)
pwnd0001?download pawned2 @ | Copyright 2008-2018 Redeemer
  • [T.3] Keystone discordway
    • Do more tests with a domination mesmer over the second keystone mesmer.
    • Find suitable builds for more player professions.
    • Build page
  • [T.4] Contagion
    • Finally make a stable, mercenary free build version.
    • Build page
  • [T.5] The Meta (tm)
    • Fix the meta. The current meta team is unoptimized. Brute force may be required. But first: Creation of a great, consensus suited build page.
    • Redundancy Report
  • [T.6] Semi paraway
    • Keep tweaking and improving the semi paraway.
    • Remove the BiP dependency, so order of the vampire can be squeezed in.
    • Either bone fiends or communing prot over the minion bomber.
    • Build page
  • [T.7] Ritualist minion bombers
  • [T.8] Mercenary free Rüdiway
  • Fun: Dervish hero backline based on meditation.
    • See also: Quad spear war paw*ned² template.
    • See also: YT/Raven Rock (sweet aegis mesmers!)