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(Team) builds which I deemed worth preserving but unsuited for the Build: namespace.

Build collections



Build testing

PvXwiki:Project Standardized Testing:

  1. Party Size 4 (personal)
  2. Party Size 6 (personal)
  3. Party Size 8 (personal)
  • [P.1] Damage elementalists

Template code
Template code
Template code

  • [T.3] Keystone discordway
    • Do more tests with a domination mesmer over the second keystone mesmer.
    • Find suitable builds for more player professions.
    • Build page
  • [T.4] Contagion
    • Finally make a stable, mercenary free build version.
    • Build page
  • [T.5] 4/401
    • Retry with more build tweaks.
  • [T.6] Semi paraway
    • Keep tweaking and improving the semi paraway.
    • Remove the BiP dependency, so order of the vampire can be squeezed in.
    • Either bone fiends or communing prot over the minion bomber.
    • Build page
  • [T.7] Ritualist minion bombers
  • [T.8] Mercenary free Rüdiway
  • Fun: Dervish hero backline based on meditation.
    • See also: Quad spear war paw*ned² template.
    • See also: YT/Raven Rock (sweet aegis mesmers!)

To Do

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