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I'm a bureaucrat and administrator for this wiki. Feel free to request help and report any issues with your stay at PvX and I'll do my best to help.

GW1 Characters

  • Toraen Nakure - Prophecies - Ranger: My main PvE character because I am stubborn
  • Rizen Ukizen - Factions - Assassin
  • Wao Gan - Nightfall - Elementalist
  • Haen Guean - Prophecies - Warrior
  • Borea Noryen - Prophecies - Necromancer
  • Kiran Conflan - Nightfall - Paragon
  • Jo Bia - Nightfall - Dervish
  • Yon Duraei - Prophecies - Mesmer
  • - Factions - Ritualist
  • - Nightfall - Monk

Stuff I need to track

  • PvXwiki:Build Merge: Standards for when to merge/split pages for consistency.
  • Template:Variantbar: For build packs to handle variants gracefully.
  • Template:Vetted-Build: To merge the various build tags.
  • Main page redesign:
    • Consolidate separate build categories to DPL pages (allow sorting builds by vetted status, meta status, etc.)
    • Make portals actually useful.
    • Use DPL to make posting news updates less of a hassle.