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Username is Toraen.6378


I'm a bureaucrat and administrator. Feel free to request help and report any issues with your stay at PvX. Within policy, I'll do my best to help.

These should prevent most incorrectly named builds from being submitted. If you think there's more I could do with them or found a loophole/bug, let me know.

GW1 Characters

  • Toraen Nakure - Prophecies - Ranger: My main PvE character because I am stubborn
  • Rizen Ukizen - Factions - Assassin
  • Wao Gan - Nightfall - Elementalist
  • Haen Guean - Prophecies - Warrior
  • Borea Noryen - Prophecies - Necromancer
  • Kiran Conflan - Nightfall - Paragon
  • Jo Bia - Nightfall - Dervish
  • Yon Duraei - Prophecies - Mesmer
  • - Factions - Ritualist
  • - Nightfall - Monk