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These are the winners of each day of the Wintersday contest. The winners of the overall contest will be decided after the Wintersday celebrations are over, on January 2, 2008. The three winners of the overall contest, chosen from the daily winners, will each receive a Razer DeathAdder™ Guild Wars mouse.

The Daily Winners

Day 1


First Place User:Skakid9090

EverlastinX's Entry Day 1.JPG.jpg

Second Place User:EverlastinX

Codyitzachha's Entry Day 1.jpg

Third Place User:Codyitzachha

Day 2

Scottie theNerd's Entry Day 2.jpg

First Place User:Scottie theNerd

Viet's Entry Day 2.jpg

Second Place User:Viet

The Blight's Entry Day 2.jpg

Third Place User:The Blight

Day 3

Tyrathebraveski's Entry Day 3.jpg

First Place User:Tyrathebraveski

Ssj2TrunksB's Entry Day 3.jpg

Second Place User:Ssj2TrunksB

DesiAdamae's Entry Day 3.jpg

Third Place User:DesiAdame

Day 4

InfestedHydralisk's Entry Day 4.jpg

First Place User:InfestedHydralisk

Viet's Entry Day 4.jpg

Second Place User:Viet

Ssj2TrunksB's Entry Day 4.jpg

Third Place User:Ssj2TrunksB

Day 5

Justice's Entry Day 5.jpg

First Place User:Justice

TheDarkDevil's Entry Day 5.jpg

Second Place User:TheDarkDevil

EoD Itzl's Entry Day 5.jpg

Third Place User:EoD Itzl

Day 6

EoD Itzl's Entry Day 6.jpg

First Place User:EoD Itzl

Aegisnightmare's Entry Day 6.jpg

Second Place User:Aegisnightmare

Viet's Entry Day 6.jpg

Third Place User:Viet

Day 7

Viet's Entry Day 7.jpg

First Place User:Viet

RaiderWillie's Entry Day 7.jpg

Second Place User:RaiderWillie

Supreme's Entry Day 7.gif

Third Place User:Supreme

Day 8

TaiKratos's Entry Day 8.png

First Place User:TaiKratos

Atempt's Entry Day 8.jpg

Second Place User:Atempt

Experienced's Entry Day 8.jpg

Third Place User:Experienced

Day 9

Leekanataka's Entry Day 9.gif

First Place User:Leekanataka

EoD Itzl's Entry Day 9.jpg

Second Place User:EoD Itzl

Aodsto's Entry Day 9.jpg

Third Place User:Aodsto

Day 10

Shadowsin's Entry Day 10.jpg

First Place User:Shadowsin

Leekanataka's Entry Day 10.jpg

Second Place User:Leekanataka

Kcb18's Entry Day 10.jpg

Third Place User:Kcb18

The Overall Winners